Vassanta in Florida and Something About Culture

Each person's experience brings with it a different perspective and, even though America is an alleged cultural melting pot, it still has a social heritage that determines how to process these experiences in ways it considers right and wrong. This isn't just an American thing, but a cultural one with an evolutionary purpose.

Our survival is dependent on the strength of our social cohesion. The more ideals and goals we share the more we trust someone, because it allows us to help each other achieve an ends more quickly than if we worked alone. The only reason our physically disadvantaged species has, not only escaped extinction, but become the most powerful one in the world (whether good or bad) is because we work together.

As growth leads to a general well being though, it also, at a certain point, gives birth to complexity. This can easily result in confusion, disillusionment, frustration, and eventually the feeling of isolation if our best interest doesn't seem to be looked after. Since we've evolved to derive so much of our well being from our society and culture, change is eminent if this feeling of disenfranchisement reaches enough people. Globalization and instantaneous mass communication only heighten this awareness as we are able to understand, possibly, new and better views to adopt that appeal to our sense of how things aren't, but maybe should be.

Having the ability to work with people from different places around the world, like Vassanta, is a perk of the job I'm grateful for. Interacting with various postures and dispositions is not a superficial novelty, but an opportunity to learn something. This is one of my favorite ways to get outside of my pea sized brain to break away from my subjective and restrictive vantage point. 

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