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About My Work

Put simply, my work is about exploring what materializes on the intersection of innocence and sexuality. 

Generally speaking, sexuality has a pretty natural universal enamor. Sex is an instinctual substrate to our existence, but the implications of sexuality take on a greater form that envelops, not only sex, but our entire person. When sexuality is crossed with art though it seems to challenge the range it's been resigned to. Even as a kid, combing through art books and visiting museums with my family, the contrasting worlds of artists and the cultural standards of society was glaring. This disconnect only enticed me to want to dig deeper and see for myself where sexuality, both implicit and explicit, finds its home.  Photography along with my background in philosophy help me do this, but the process is far from being fully cognizant.

The best I've been able to consciously explain my work so far, in a way that seems properly encompassing, still feels incomplete. My work is about exploring sexuality by contextualizing it in various ways. Photography allows me to create and/or document the various forms in which we carry it. I'll admit that’s vague and there's nothing highly academic about this pursuit, in that it doesn't implore scientific methodology. It's a completely subjective and intuitive artistic endeavor. Ultimately I think I'm trying to do what most artists do; impress upon the world a vision of possibilities and ideals. I don't believe that the sustainability of these visions can be contained in an image, but I do believe it can at least challenge us to see that there may be more. Deep down I believe that people would be happier if their view of sexuality became something more multidimensional. Something closer to how it exists in real life outside the cultural lens.

Ultimately, I could be completely wrong. Finding that out is all part of the process. I believe if my approach remains respectful, innocent, bold, and vulnerable I'll learn what I've set out to, whatever the direction may be. It's all an evolving learning process and I hope my work will always reflect that.


About Me

I started photographing in 1999. Although I had made attempts at it prior, it wasn't until I acquired a used Pentax K1000 that it started making sense on a technical level. That, along with the help of my cousins boyfriend, was the jumpstart I needed. In 2012 I jumped over to digital, but still enjoy shooting film on occasion, especially medium format.

Although my personal connection with the arts started with playing instruments, photography and writing music became a necessary means of expression and still are today.

I majored in philosophy in college at a small liberal arts school called Ave Maria, which is where I met my wife Hannah. We started dating a few weeks into our freshman year and have been together ever since.   

I'm currently living back in Pensacola, FL with my wife and our four kids.