Ariane Cassidy: Cleaning & Catharsis

Ariane had just gotten in town that day after being gone for a month modeling. It was late evening as I made my way over to her empty apartment to snap some pics as she cleaned it for the new tenants. There are a lot of memories tied to that space for her and I'm fortunate to be a small part. Both of us were semi new to the area when we met/shot there. Hanging out, talking, and taking photos seemed like an appropriate way to bring the Pensacola chapter of our lives full circle especially considering I was moving away in a couple weeks. 


Any motivation to clean or take pictures seemed to dissipate pretty quickly. I'm sure the vodka didn't help considering most of the night was spent reminiscing and reflecting with the bottle close by. We did manage to take some stuff out to the curb, but I'm sure it wasn't enough to get a deposit back. I doubt Ariane cared though. I think she was really just there to give the place a last goodbye.

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