Roarie Yum: Resonance & Bullshit

Some people strike chords that resonate with our personal sensibilities in positive ways. When you photograph someone who does this it makes the process that much easier and substantial. Considering how brief shoots are, being able to walk away with awesome photos, as well as a meaningful interaction, makes it that much more worthwhile. Roarie is the type of model, for me, that brings this to the table.

Despite only working with her twice, Roarie comes across as someone who's been able to step outside of, what I refer to as, the bullshit. This bullshit is something that most people are bogged down by, including myself, as we're burdened by the cultural and social perspectives that we've been given as well as the ones we've ascribed to. While all of us play the game of culture, few know how to decide, to what degree, we wish to be a part of it. Roarie seems to be one of those exceptions that have figured out something most haven't. All of this is met with a lack of pretension on her part as well as a genuine demeanor that makes me wish I'd come across more people like her. 

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