The Orange

So, there's a little bit of a backstory to these that make the images even better for Ariane, Hannah, and me. Although these are overtly hyper sexual the mood during the shoot was pretty much the opposite. I'm actually surprised that there were any serious shots. With this taken into account it's a big reason I edited them in such an unrealistic or stylized way. 

The orange found it's way into our photos because of Ariane's walk to our place from hers. I know I've mentioned in another post how often this happened, but during her short trip she happened to grab a few oranges from a random neighbors tree as she was passing by. (Oranges on trees in February are one of the perks of living in Florida.) 

When she got to our place we ate one and it was delicious. The thought to use one of the others as we did was just an idea that snowballed from Hannah or Ariane holding two halves over their boobs jokingly like a coconut bra. Making stupid jokes with friends is pretty typical, but somehow it transpired into these photos. 

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