Valya at Hotel Chelsea and Favorites

More from my shoot with Valya from February 2011 in NYC at Hotel Chelsea. The others can be found here and here or by clicking Valya's tag.

The photos from this shoot are some of my personal favorites. I return to them every so often (along with a handful of others) even though it's been almost seven years since I took them. Part of me searches the images to see if it's a quality about the model, environment, or tones, but I know it's something that strikes a deeper chord. To me it reminds me of a point when something clicked. Everything came together both technically and creatively. Maybe it symbolizes an ability or maybe it is a reminder of a creative mentality I wish to hang onto. As I progress I feel I need these reflections to help me keep a certain focus. These photos, for me, represent a state of mind I try and challenge myself to return to without allowing myself to regress. I think it's ultimately about being completely present. 

All the images below are 120 low res scans of Kodak Portra 800.

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