A Day in the Life: April 11

Hannah the other week at home. 

Anyone who would scoff at the notion of having kids is grossly ignorant. I can say this with total certitude. Most people don't realize the negativity they exude towards having a family and this comes from all sides. I've seen it ever since I was a kid.

Everything in life is what you make of it and having a family is no different. The gift that kids provide (among many) is the opportunity of selflessness. This can no doubt be a painful process, but it is ultimately a liberating one. I'm not implying this is the only means of liberation, but when people wince at this it's because they fail to see the possibilities. They recognize all of the downsides and none of the up. I'll admit it's hard to grasp at first when looking at it from our default angles as human beings. We're energy misers and trained to collect stuff to keep the world afloat. Family tries to pull us away from that. It demands it.

The easy option we see all around us then becomes to feed family life with the same pacified bloated cultural expectations we've been given. Reactively we know we don't want to hand this garbage over to them and repeat the cycle. We don't have to though, but this takes a level and intent and effort that's hard to commit to. It takes a fight against the average and mediocre. As I've been on the road lately and go through life this only comes clearer.  

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