Nettie in NOLA

It was June of 2014 when I made the three hour drive to New Orleans to shoot with Nettie. For whatever reason, I always had the perception that she was sort of the Kate Moss of the art model circuit. I understand that's pretty much total conjecture, but she's worked with some of the best photographers to the worst and maintains a compelling consistency as a subject in all the photos I've seen.

One of my favorite things to experience and let dictate the shoot is the vibe/mood. This one was very lethargic feeling (in a good way). A lot of this was probably influenced by the fact that we had been walking around the city all evening and didn't get back to the hotel till a little before 1:00am to start taking photos. In addition to the physical drain I'm sure there was an emotional toll as we shared stories of growing up in big religious families to having children that passed away.


I personally think all this comes through in the pictures, but again…this could all be completely subjective. Even if it is subjective I'm cool with that, because it's that personal connection that can't be replicated making it a very real experience for myself, at the very least.

The first four photos were edited within the month after the shoot. The last four were edited a few weeks back when I decided to redo some of the photos.

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