Hannah: New Country & Camera

These photos of Hannah were taken at the Airbnb we first stayed at when we got to our new home city of Quito. The apartment sits bellow the famous statue on El Panecillo. From the bedroom, in real life, the view looked almost two dimensional as the houses sat perched on the sharp incline parallel to our gaze. No matter were you go in this beautiful city you're surrounded by volcanoes that make up part of the Andes mountains in which the city sits.

Although I'm lucky to be here for the next year, it's going to take some adjusting to. Not knowing anyone as well as learning a new language has it's challenges. It's also somewhat conservative here too, so it will be interesting to see if I'm able to find models. I wasn't unaware of these obstacles, in fact these are somewhat small ones taken into account I'm with my wife and four kids, I'm just curious how it will all play out. I'm here because I'm up for the challenge. 

On the theme of "new" I took these photos with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 I bought right before we flew out. This is the first time I really shot with it and so far I can say I'm loving it.


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