Vlia and Working With New Models

Vlia got a hold of me, because I was recommended by a local Pensacola photographer named Chris Barnes. I had never met either of them before, until the day of our shoot, when Chris escorted Vlia for moral support as she was somewhat new to modeling and trying to build her portfolio.

It was a little over a year ago when these were taken, but I remember her being somewhat reserved and quiet. That usually forces me to be a little more talkative than I would naturally be to try and avoid silence, as most people find it awkward. More importantly though, talking distracts from the self-awareness of having your photo taken especially when you don't have anything to hide behind, like clothes.  

It can be apples to oranges when you compare working with nude models, that are just being introduced to the art modeling world, to ones that have been doing it a while. Where veteran models usually have a comfortability in being and getting naked in front of a new photographer, (unless the photographer is creepy) a new model is faced with the psychological "jumping off" point that it takes to be part of any novel and/or vulnerable experience. As any of us stand on that metaphorical ledge, we're faced with a lot of fear that can only be overcome one way and thats by action. Being trusted to be part of that experience, as a photographer, is one that I always try to remain conscious of, because, even if I deliver the best photos in the history of the world, the actual experience will usually have the biggest impact. Despite this added awareness, I love working with new models, like Vlia. Being present at that unique moment when fears are faced and having the opportunity to capture it is one that's hard to duplicate. 

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