Dani in the Shower

When you identify as a creative and you aren't creating it's easy to feel a little incomplete. Photographing people adds another layer of difficulty to it, because you have to rely on others participation to even start. Having a photoshoot lined up, only to fall through, feels a little like craving that special dessert all day that you left in your fridge for when you get home from work only to find it was eaten by your roommate while you were gone. Even if your roommate ate it for legit reasons (like their blood sugar was low and it was the only things available) it can still feel disheartening.


This impromptu shoot only happened because I was supposed to work with someone, but they had to reschedule. Dani ended up swinging by my place, still in her workout clothes, on her way home from the gym to say hi. When she found out about my cancelation she enthusiastically offered to model for me, because she's always trying to be supportive. I grabbed my camera and a flash and since she needed to get clean, we made it a thing. 

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