Victoria Law and a Thought on Humility

I instinctively find ways to be dismissive of my own abilities, so when Victoria contacted me and showed excitement in working together there seemed to be two equally possible reasons: a) she really liked what I do, or b) because Pensacola is so small and I was new, I was a novelty. It could be a cross between each, but believing both options to be equally viable is realistic and humbling. Even though humility may not be en vogue, especially for anyone who wants to posture themselves as a professional in America, I can't help but assume it's the more objective perspective to take. If some kind of mastery is what's ultimately desired, then being comfortable with existing somewhere between shit and genius seems to be a pragmatic stance to avoid disappointment in oneself.  


By the end of the photoshoot Victoria seemed to maintain the same initial excitement. We had planned on working together again before she moved to London, but it never ended up happening. Either way, shooting with her and even having her friend Tawan around, was awesome. 

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