Kat-a-tat-tat, Progress, and Fujifilm GA645

In a similar vein as the post Carlotta Champagne, film, digital, and mulligans, these photos were taken mid 2013 and was one of the last times I really used film. It was the second time I worked with Kat-a-tat-tat and I much prefer the analog photos to the digital ones I shot in tandem that day. I'm gonna need to go back and revisit the digital files from this shoot to see if I can bring them up to current standards.

I can't help but feel a little obliged towards the models, in this respect, especially when working with them was such a great experience. They may never see the re-edits, but at least I can have a peace of mind that I'm somehow doing them justice on the internet. A key understanding in any art though is knowing when to move on. I'm very intent on being aware of this, because progress is significantly more motivating to me than chasing perfection will ever be.   

All of these were taken with my Fujifilm GA645, which was the camera that started my affinity with rangefinders and Fuji. If they ever made a digital medium format like the GA645 I would come up with the money somehow to get it (unless it sucked).  

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