Misunderstanding and a New Blog Organization

Nobody likes being misunderstood and when you find yourself in this situation there really can only be two parties at fault: it's either you or them. Dismissing the lack of comprehension on "them" has the nice advantage of deflecting responsibility as well as protecting ones ego from having to acknowledge that, you either don't make sense, or are wrong. Since our thoughts and beliefs make perfect sense to us (and usually people that know us well) neither of these things usually sit well with the feedback we receive from ourselves and those around us. It's because of this that I believe the only real reaction to being misunderstood is to take responsibility for what it is you're trying to convey. Unfortunately, the thought of being right gives everyone that warm fuzzy feeling in their belly, as well of the justification of a crusader, to not care about doing ones part in, what is inherently, an exchange. 

In a future post I'll probably talk about what it is I believe are the fundamental elements of understanding, but today I'll just explain why I even bring it up.

The whole purpose of me making this blog on my website was to be able to give more context to what it is I do (again, another topic), so to make things more logical and easier to understand I've decided to break up posts into two categories. I'll have one for my work, which will be titled "content" and will contain any media I create as well as relevant writing, and a category for my thoughts and ramblings (like this) titled "context". There's a theme, as well as a philosophy, here that I hope I'll be able to draw out and illustrate over time. If this doesn't seem to work I'll try another approach to make sense of what it is I'm trying to get out. In the meantime, that's the current plan. 

As of now I'll probably categorize any posts with unrelated writing, as well as photos, with both category tags, despite them not fitting perfectly into each category. Going forward I'll try and keep things separate.

ContextGrant Trimble